Hello :)

This is the website for phaseal player. It's a music player with effects processing & automation. It's keyboard-driven and pretty fast to launch and lightweight in general
effect setting changes can be saved as automation commands for the music player in plain-text playlist files that are modest in size and refer to source song files by path (mymusic/edm/song.mp3)

You can download phaseal player for linux at this time, see the download page

When I was a teenager, I often enjoyed hearing my favorite songs backwards. I would load songs into audacity and save reversed copies of them. This can be fun but also gets tiresome and can be messy in your file system. phaseal player addresses this kind of issue because you can hear reverse versions of songs during playback as well as a handful of other neat effects like echo or speed change.

When you save playlists containing commands to automate various tasks like playing a song in reverse or turning on an echo effect, you consequently subvert the need to do all the editing and saving of copies otherwise required. New songs that you like, for example, may be heard in reverse or whatever, on whimsy. You don't need to commit to making a copy and loading files into some audio processing software or (command-line processor) everytime you just get curious.

To get an even better idea, you can watch the videos on the demo page ! :)